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This hexacopter carries 10 kg over 30 km under the influence of EW means even at night

Our results

Frame 76 (4).png
image 2.png

Damage has been caused

the enemy

> $1 billion
Frame 76 (2).png
image 2.png


enemy vehicle units

>6 000
Frame 76 (5).png
image 2.png

Destroyed and injured

enemy manpower

>10 000

Volynayaka is a unique hexacopter

The detachable frame of own design, when folded, it does not take up much space for transportation. Unique multi-channel communication system that allows to work under the influenece of EW means. Modern hermal imaging camera. Unique ammunition release system that allows the use of most types of ammunition used by the Armed Forces of Ukraine.


Thermal imager 640x480

Stabilization Gremsy Mio

The size is 1300x600 mm

Battery 60000 mAh

Digital/analog video system

Deployment time is 20 min

Reference: A hexacopter is a type of unmanned aerial vehicle that consists of a system with 6 rotating motors in a single plane. Compared to traditional quadcopters, it has a higher payload capacity and survivability in case of failure of one motor.

Armed with the best