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Are you fundraising for drones for the military?

We will provide you with effective drones!


Why us?

Modern full-cycle Ukrainian production

We have our own development center, semi-automatic production line and professional team. Therefore, we can produce 10,000 FPV drones per month.

We always have 100+ pieces in stock

We understand that after closing the collection, it is important to quickly show the result to people. Therefore, we will ship the order as quickly as possible.

Official and transparent cooperation

We always fully fulfill our obligations. That is why we are already supplying our UAVs to most units of the Security and Defense Forces.

They trust us

Do you want to cooperate?

Why our drones?

Performance on the battlefield

Not every drone can boast of such a number of hit targets. We have at least 5,000 units of enemy equipment and 10,000 soldiers.

Certification according to TY MOU

Our UAVs have passed official certification and meet the requirements of the Ministry of Defense of Ukraine

Positive reviews of the military

We are 24/7 in touch with the guys on the front lines. We regularly receive positive feedback and implement improvements for greater efficiency.

Our drones



A the most effective FPV-drone that carries 2 kg over 10 km under the influence of EW means.



A unique drone that carries 10 kg over 30 km under the influence of EW means even at night

Write about us

Let's work?

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Дякуємо, ми зв'яжемось з нами найближчим часом!

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