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This FPV-drone carries 2 kg over 12 km under the influence of EW means

Our results

Frame 76 (4).png
image 2.png

Damage has been caused

the enemy

> $1 billion
Frame 76 (2).png
image 2.png


enemy vehicle units

>6 000
Frame 76 (5).png
image 2.png

Destroyed and injured

enemy manpower

>10 000

Grim is a super efficient FPV drone

Unique sturdy carbon frame of our own production. Wind resistance, maneuverability at high speeds, own explosion initiation system, strengthened and powerful batteries, which allows flying 12 km with a payload


The maximum flight height is up to 3000 m

The size is 480x410 mm

Battery LIION/12600 mAh

Digital/analog video system

Deployment time is 5 min

Reference: FPV drones are a type of unmanned aerial vehicle controlled using the “first-person view” function (abbreviated as FPV). The operator controls the drone using a remote control and sees the area around the drone in real-time through special goggles, as if they were inside the drone itself, similar to a pilot.

Armed with the best