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Donate to the drone production 

We use voluntary charitable contributions to produce drones, which we send to the battlefield free of charge

Card number

5375 4112 1509 1948


  • Why should I make a donation to your organization?
    We have been producing UAVs for about 2 years. What is important to us is not stamping "flying carbon frames", but the production of drones that work where most don't even fly. Our drones are regularly used by many units of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, including the well-known 3 OSHBr, Azov, Kraken and others. We have full-cycle production. A motivated team, top equipment and capacities that allow us to produce thousands of drones. Among them, the most well-known for operators are: 👉The "GRIM" FPV drone turned thousands of units of enemy equipment into scrap metal, and man power force into "dead power". We even have Sontsepok on our count. Imagine a small drone fried the equipment for 15 million dollars! 👉The "Volynyaka" hexacopter severely gave nightmares to russians in the Kherson direction, which is why it was nicknamed "Baba-Yaga" in their radio intercepts. We fly at night and deliver 10 kg of gifts. Before there were only maviks in the info field. Although in fact, more specialized drones were already widely used at the front at that time. Many things were conditionally secret. Now you won't surprise anyone with, for example, FPV drones. Ukrainians are actively donating for such drones. That's cool! But we would like to point out that not everything that is bought for the front is useful. It's not just about quickly closing fees for hundreds of drones. It is much more important to give the guys something that can work on the front, not on the training ground, and to destroy not only Old Zhiguli, but also armored vehicles. Our Grim, Volynyaka and other drones work under the influence of EW devices, fly for 10+ km and dismantle Russian tanks.
  • Where can I see where the money is spending?
    We regularly publish photos and videos of the transfer of our drones to the guys on the front lines. We also publish the results of the work of these same drones, that is, hits, explosions, mutilated enemy equipment etc. Where to find these publications: 1. in our social networks (link at the bottom of the page) 2. in the social networks of the "Sky of Victory" charitable foundation (link to the foundation's website at the bottom of the page)
  • Can the donation be refunded?
    Funds are collected to support the Ukrainian military on an ongoing basis. By paying a charitable contribution using the details provided on this page, you agree to this and also agree that the contribution amount is non-refundable.
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